Have you always wished that your favourite Calgary LGBTQ2+ chorus would sing your favourite song?  Well, here’s your chance to make that dream come true!
As part of its fundraising for future seasons, One Voice Chorus invites audience members to Buy-A-Song for OVC’s next Rainbow Cabaret. This is an evening at which audience members can hear OVC singers perform solos, duets, small-group songs and full-choir numbers, with a cash bar and lots of snacks to make the event extra festive.
The Buy-A-Song invitation sees audience members suggest their favourite song to our Artistic Director, Jane Perry. You can also suggest whether you’d like to hear the whole choir sing your song, or whether you would like it to be performed as a solo, or by a small group. You can even be specific about which OVC singer/singers you want to hear performing the number!
Jane will review all song suggestions in mid-December. If she chooses your song, then you make a $100 donation to One Voice Chorus, and we start buying music and rehearsing!
We know that a hundred bucks is a lot of money, and so we suggest the option that you might pool your cash with a few friends in order to come up with the full amount. Five people could put in $20… or ten friends could each put in $10… make it a team project!
Our Artistic Director will choose up to 15 suggested songs to help fill the Rainbow Cabaret’s 24-song roster. All suggested songs that are chosen for the Cabaret will include the name of the donor(s) underneath the song title in the concert programme.
The deadline for Buy A Song suggestions is Saturday, December 15, 2018 at 11:59pm.  Please send your song suggestions to Artistic Director Jane Perry at artisticdirector@onevoicechorus.ca.  Winners will be notified by Monday, January 7, 2019.
Thank you for your support of One Voice Chorus!