Jane Perry

Artistic Director

Jane Perry is a choral conductor, church musician, collaborative pianist, and piano teacher.  She is the founding conductor of One Voice Chorus, and has been the Artistic Director of the Calgary Renaissance Singers & Players and the Music Director at the Unitarian Church of Calgary since she arrived in Calgary from Ottawa in September 2011.

Jane is a classically-trained pianist whose favourite expressive avenues are collaborations with other musicians, and with singers in particular.  While in Ottawa, she was a vocal accompanist at the University of Ottawa and the rehearsal pianist for many of the region’s finest choirs.  She fell into choral conducting after a gentle nudge from a friend.

Now in Calgary, Jane conducts four choirs and with them pursues her twin passions of collaboration and community-building.  Under her musical leadership, One Voice Chorus sings at events that support HIV Community Link and Camp fYrefly, marches in the annual Pride Parade, and lends its voice to Sunday-morning services at local churches.  In a concert context, OVC has collaborated with spoken-word artist Sheri-D Wilson, jazz singer Peter Cameron, Calgary Men’s Chorus, the BarberEllas, the Backyard Betties, Edmonton Vocal Minority, and (in May 2017) singer-songwriter Rae Spoon.  OVC has invited local community-building groups to speak or be represented at its concerts: PFLAG Calgary, the Aura programme of the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary, Calgary Sexual Health, The Alex Community Food Centre, Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids, and many others.  Jane’s work as a collaborator has led to some interesting invitations.  In January 2017, she performed at One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo in a production called “Why We Are Here!”, which saw audience members become a choir for one night under her direction and with input and commentary from resident artist and actor Michelle Thrush.

Gavin Lee Caldwell


Gavin Lee Caldwell is more than just a loving husband to beautiful Sarah and tender guardian of Tigra (their cat). He’s also a pianist, vocalist, director, song-writer, arranger, improvisor and accompanist; probably the best in Silver Springs (unconfirmed)!

In 1981, at the impressionable age of 5, Gavin experienced the music video for Private Eyes by Daryl Hall and John Oates. Between the strobe lights and the synth drums, he fell in love with music…and it is a love that only grows. He also took piano and theory lessons from Aino Robinson, to whom he owes an enormous debt of love and gratitude.

Today Gavin collaborates with/in a siege of schools, churches and community choirs, all benefitting from his affable personality, his razor sharp wit, his musical brilliance, and flowing curls. And his terribly clever t-shirts.

Gavin loves that music is infinite, that there is always more to learn. He hopes to release an album of “church music improv”, and will continue writing in his journal, singing songs with his friends, and spreading his special brand of love with this message to the world: “BE YOURSELF.”

Erin Millar

General Manager

Erin is a local writer, working primarily on comics projects at the moment, though she does still capture essay-like thought pieces, plays, and poems from time to time. She writes and publishes “Where She Walks” with her brother, Nathan Millar, who does all the art and design for the books. She is also the founder of Panel One, a local comics collective dedicated to celebrating the talented comics creators of Canada.

Erin has a BFA with a major in theatre performance and is currently pursuing her BA, majoring in English. On top of all that, she is overjoyed to be here to support the art you make together.